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We have carefully selected the very best sites with the keenest editorial and professional standards, who have obtained a respected position in the industry and meet our minimum traffic level criteria. We’ve outlined a little more about all the Alliance members below.

Alliance+ Sites:

Pocket Gamer [UK] Launched in 2005, Pocket Gamer is one of the biggest names in mobile and portable gaming. The site covers a range of platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows Phone, 3DS, PS Vita, and many more.

148Apps [US] Launched in July 2008, aims to provide you with the very best in iPhone and iPod touch applications reviews and news.  We sort through the best of the best, so you don’t have to spend your days wading through the app store just to find your perfect app.  (Joined September 2009).

Android Rundown [US] Android Rundown is focused on covering the latest Android apps and games through a mix of news, reviews, and opinion pieces.

AppSpy [AU] An Australian based site focused on iOS gaming, AppSpy covers the latest news and titles – but is also notable for posting video reviews of the biggest releases as well.

Free App Alliance [UK] The Free App Alliance aims to keep you updated on the latest free games on iPhone.

Gamezebo [US] One of the biggest names amongst mobile and casual gaming sites, Gamezebo covers a range of platforms – including iPhone, iPad, Android, and Facebook.

Giggle Apps [US] A site dedicated to covering all the latest iOS apps and games for smaller children. Now a part of 148Apps.

Quality Index [US] A site dedicated to covering every iPhone, iPad, and Android release, and providing an average rating for it – making use of the reviews from over 80 mobile focused websites.

Swipe Magazine [UK] A digital magazine for the iPad with interactive and animated elements, Swipe collects content from a number of Alliance sites and presents it in a new and exciting way. It’s also free to download. What are you waiting for.

TouchGen [UK] Focused mainly on iOS games, TouchGen also looks at accessories for your iPhone and iPad too.

Alliance Sites:

101 Best Android, iPhone, iPad, & Blackberry Apps [UK] A quartet of sites that cover all the latest mobile games and apps in an organised database format.

Actualidad iPhone [Spain] Two million impressions from more than half a million unique users per month, over 10,000 RSS readers, 20,000 newsletter subscribers and 3,600 Twitter followers make Actualidad iPhone simply the biggest Spanish-language community dedicated to the iPhone. (Joined June 2010)

Actualidad iPad [Spain] Much the same as the above, but focused on iPad releases rather than iPhone ones.

Airgamer [Germany]  Joining in September 2009, Airgamer is one of the leading independent online magazines for Java, iPhone, and Android games in the German-speaking market. [Spain]

Android France [France]

Android [Italy]

Android.sis [Spain]

AndroLib [UK]

AppAddict [US] 

AppAdvice [US] AppAdvice covers iOS applications through news and reviews, and is also home to a popular daily video podcast.

AppDnia [PL]

AppleFanSite [UK]

Apple’N'Apps [US]

AppleSpot [The Netherlands]

Application iPhone [France] Launched in Sept 2008, Application iPhone is a leading iPhone apps/games review website focused on the French market. Taking a temporary breather.

Aplicativos iPad [Brazil]

Applude [US] 

AppModo [US]

AppsJP [Japan] [Russia]

Appstore-Test [France] Joining in December 2009, is one of the most popular application review website in France. It tests not only games but also utilities, GPS, and much more.

BestWP7Games [US/Australia]

Canadian Reviewer [Canada]

Cellularizzati [Italy]

Classic L337 [US]

Droid Gamers [US] 

Eurodroid [UK]

FrAndroid [France]

Freegli [France]

Gamer Brain [Italy] 

Gamesaku [Indonesia] 


Host App Store [US]


iGame Radio [US]

Invent-Soft [RU]

iOSnoops [US]

iPad Insight [US] Joining in July 2010,  iPad Insight provides news, reviews, and top quality insight on all things iPad. It looks to bring you coverage of the iPad’s development, and especially of the great applications released on the device.

iPadModo [US]

iPhone Glance [UK]

iOS-Cafe [Iraq]

iPhoneHellas [Greece]

iPhone Land Italia [Italy] Joining in June 2012, iPhone Land Italia features all of the most important news and apps for the iPhone, and a well-known section alerting its vast readership with the low-down on the best and and latest offers. [Spain] Joining in November 2010, iPhoneTrix Providing users with a dynamic site in constant evolution, iPhonetrix (formerly Locuraiphone) previews and reviews the best games, applications and accessories for the iPhone and iPad.

iPlayApps [Germany] Joining in March 2010, iPlayApps is a leading online games magazine for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad in Germany.

iPlay Gamer Magazine [US] Joining in April 2013, iPlay Gamer Magazine is a digital publication for the iPad, dedicated solely to gaming on iOS devices – covering game reviews, news, accessories and more.

Italiamac [Italy] Joining in July 2011, Italiamac is one of Italy’s leading Mac communites, officially recognised by Apple as an Apple User Group. Established in 1996, it has flourished into the biggest Apple-related news site in Italy.

iTopnews [Germany] [Italy]

Mac User [Greece]

MelaiPhone [Italy] 

Planet [Russia] 

Playandroid [Germany]

Pocket Gamer France [France] Joining in September 2009, Pocket Gamer’s French sister site has already grown to become a leading authority on iPhone games in that country. The site calls upon much of the best talent in France. (Joined September 2009)

Pocket Gamer Germany [Germany]

PocketPC [Switzerland]

Pocket Tactics [UK]

PointGPhone [France]

Somos iPhone [Spain]

Tapscape [US] Joining in June 2011, Tapscape is a trusted tech blog featuring up-to-date iPhone and iPad news, as well as comprehensive reviews of the latest in apps and games for iOS.

Techgear [Greece]

Tecnotruco [Spain]

The APPera [US] Joining in September 2009, The APPera is a site focused on iPhone gaming, and other related news. It provides reviews, game recommendations, previews and the occasional giveaway.

The App Review Zone [US]

The App Searcher [Russia]

Today In iOS [US]

Top Best Free Apps [US]

TouchGamers [Germany]

Touch My Apps [US]

Touch Reviews [India/US] Joining in October 2012, Touch Reviews covers iPhone, iPad, and Apple.

WP Super Fanboy [UK] 

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