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iFanzine joins The Smartphone Alliance

iFanzine is the latest site to join the Alliance, and – as its name suggests – covers the latest iPhone releases. The site describes its content as including “honest and in-depth reviews of the latest and greatest iPhone games, promo code giveaways, developer interviews, features, forums & much, much more.” If you ever have any [...]


iGame Radio joins The Smartphone Alliance

iOS focused site iGame Radio has joined the Alliance, and is notable for having several podcasts released a month. The podcasts can cover a range of areas, from focusing on a single game, looking at a relevant event, and finally looking at the latest iOS news in general. If you ever have any interest in [...] is the first Dutch site to join The Smartphone Alliance

The Smartphone Alliance finally has a Dutch based site on its members list – the Apple focused All its content is in Dutch – as you might expect – and covers iPhone, iPad, and Mac news. It also posts reviews, guides, comparison pieces, and more. If you ever have any interest in advertising on through [...]


Italian site Macitynet joins The Smartphone Alliance

Another Italian site joins The Smartphone Alliance in November, with Macitynet being the latest member to sign up. The oldest Italian site dedicated to covering Apple (it was founded in 1996), Macitynet covers three main areas – iPhones, iPads and Macs – and looks at games, apps, software, and hardware for each. It divides itself [...]


Five Italian sites join The Smartphone Alliance

Five Italian sites covering a range of mobile gaming topics have joined the Alliance from the company SeoWebbs. The sites include Apple news site MelaiPhone, Android news focused Cellulari Android, game cheat and solutions portal Gamerbrain, Android apps/games/hardware site Android Planet, and finally (deep breath) the multi-format Cellularizzati. All five sites cover different aspects of [...]


Swiss site joins The Smartphone Alliance

Large Swiss site has joined The Smartphone Alliance, and covers a range of mobile platforms. Content is in German, and focuses on the hardware side of smartphones – be they iOS, Android, or Windows Phone devices. The site posts news, reviews, guides, and videos. There’s also a lively forum to explore, making a great source [...]


GetAndroidStuff joins The Smartphone Alliance

Another Android focused site has joined The Smartphone Alliance, this time in the form of GetAndroidStuff. It covers Android apps and games, and – as its name might suggest – updates you on which titles are free to download. You can also find several tips, tutorials, and guides on the site. If you ever have [...]


German site iReviewT joins The Smartphone Alliance

The iOS focused iReviewT has joined the Alliance, and is another German language site to join the growing members list. Covering iPhone and iPad games and applications, the site writes reviews, previews, and has a constantly updated list of the lastest apps to be reduced. Add in the easy to navigate layout and you have a [...]


Planet iPhone joins The Smartphone Alliance

A second Russian language site has joined the Alliance, this time in the form of Planet iPhone – which covers all types of Apple related news. Hardware, games, apps, business news – it’s all covered, with up to twenty stories being posted a day. Pieces are short and succint, with each usually receiving several comments. There’s [...]


iOSnoops joins The Smartphone Alliance

iOSnoops is the latest addition to the The Smartphone Alliance, and is focused on helping you to find the best new and reduced apps on your iOS device. In iOSnoops’s About Us section it says that it “brings you the best deals available for your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. We scour the App Store so [...]

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