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Why you need to market your app

With over 160 million iDevices out there (as of Jan 2011) the iPhone market represents an ever more lucrative opportunity for developers. Unfortunately you’re not alone in noticing that and with over 350,000 applications vying for attention you need to do everything you can to help yours stand out, which is where hopefully we can help.

Why use the iPhone Alliance?

By bringing together an ever-growing number of the world’s leading independent iPhone-related editorial sites, we’ve created a large network of the most enthusiastic and active members of the iPhone community, (i.e. those who actively seek out information and as such are both customers and evangelists) and made it easy and affordable for you to reach them.

How does it work?

Simply, we provide a complete one-stop solution to your iPhone advertising campaign, on other words:

  • We handle your entire campaign, from start to finish.
  • We provide one central point of contact to manage the campaign, make recommendations and report results.
  • We fix a price for advertising across the network via a simple package or CPM systems (although we can also provide bespoke solutions if needed).
  • We can even provide a solution for creating advertising graphics should you not wish to manage the process yourself.
  • We then report back with the data from the campaign.

Some numbers

At present the Alliance represents c.50 million page views per month from over 10 million unique users (not including Pocket Gamer UK!) which makes it the largest and most targeted iPhone editorial network in the world.

Who’s in the Alliance?

We’ve selected the leading independent sites from the US and Europe. Click here for more.

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