The iPhone Alliance added a touch of celebrity cred in December 2009 when we ran a campaign for Smule to help promote the much discussed audio app, I am T-Pain.  This app had been extremely successful on its launch into the App Store, but had then fallen down the charts after the initial wave of purchases.  Smule approached us with a marketing budget to try and give both this, and their Ocarina app a secondary wave of sales to get them back up the App Store charts.

Working with our Alliance partner sites we managed to get the campaign set up and live within a matter of days, displaying multiple variations of artwork across a range of different ad slots and tweaked the levels to provide an extended campaign over 1 month including several artwork refreshes.

Smule told us that they preferred using the Alliance, as it kept contact down from 10 sites to just one point of contact, so that if there was anything they wished to discuss they only had to email one person and the change could be made across 10 different sites in a matter of minutes. They also liked the way that they could change the ads over as and when they wanted to, and they were guaranteed a certain amount of impressions so they didn’t need to worry about individual site traffic fluctuating.

All in all, we served well over 1 million impressions across the time of the campaign (spread out, as Smule wanted the campaign to last 1 month), and gave Smule a valuable presence on some of the leading iPhone sites for the key period of the year for sales – Christmas!