The iPhone and iPod touch have written new rules for the distribution and sales of digital content offering an easy way to create, publish and price your apps.

And now with the iPhone Alliance, there’s an equally simple ad network set to do the same for the process of promoting your apps.

The size of the iPhone apps opportunity is huge and growing by the day with over 50 million devices in the market and in the hands of consumers who are genuinely hungry for content and, at the time of writing, have downloaded over 2 billion apps in just 15 months.

Unfortunately the size of the competition is equally formidable, with over 100,000 applications vying for attention, sales and space. It’s not enough to just have a a pretty good product, publishers need a great product and some great promotion if they’re going to have a hope of standing out from the crowd.

But where to promote? With who? How? The iPhone media can at times seems almost as competitive and confusing as the app space with new sites and blogs popping up all over the place.

Steel Media have recognised this and gathered together the market’s leading independent iPhone games and application review sites to create a centralised network that allows publishers to spread their campaigns across a host of sites with a fixed price and with one contact.

After months of work, today we can finally announce that the iPhone Alliance is open for business.