Another site has joined The Smartphone Alliance - Pocket Tactics, a site that covers all things related to strategy gaming. The site describes itself as a site that focuses on “strategy gaming for Android and iOS devices, and is updated every weekday.”

Covering the two most popular mobile gaming formats means the site has plenty of titles to cover – with recent reviews of games
such as Uplink, LostStar Tactics and Defender Chronicles II being published. There are also frequent exclusive interviews conducted on the site, with recent months seeing discussions take place with people and companies such as Warballoon Games about some Kickstarter controversy, and an ex-Zynga engineer who made front page tech news earlier this year.

The site even hosts a forum where you can join to chat to fellow minded strategy gamers. If you ever have any interest in advertising on Pocket Tactics through The Smartphone Alliance please feel free to get in touch via the links on the home page.