The first issue of the new iPad magazine swipe – which aims to collect some of the best content from across our iPhone Alliance sites in one place – has been released.

Swipe magazine is unlike previous digital publications though, as it’s built with interactive HTML5 content and focused squarely on the most notable content to hit the App Store. That means that not only is it tremendously fun to use, but it also cuts straight to the stuff that’s worth downloading.

The opening edition includes a world exclusive on Amazing Alex (Rovio’s follow-up to Angry Birds), reviews of the latest games, an interview with gaming legend David Braben, suggest some must-have apps, discuss the thorny issue of freemium, and a lot more besides.

The magazine’s content is sourced directly from members of the iPhone Alliance – a part of The Smartphone Alliance – so readers get access to an uncommonly broad coverage selection, as well as a cross-section of views from sites whose opinion you can trust.

Swipe magazine is available now on iPad is totally free to download [iTunes link]. You can also advertise in future issues by getting in touch via the links on the home page.